Delivery Information

Free delivery option is available for orders having minimum amount of Rs. 1500/- only.

All orders that are placed before 11:00 am would be delivered through delivery van till 01:00 pm. Orders placed before 4:00 pm would be delivered till 05:30 pm. Order placed after 04:00 pm will be delivered on the next day. It is very important for the customers to ensure that there would be someone in person (adult: above 18 years of age) at the delivery address to receive products and give signature on delivery invoice.

Delivery man is strictly advised by the company to deliver products and receive cash at customer’s main gate and not to enter into their premises in any situation. In case customer insists deliveryman to bring their products inside their premises or kitchen or elsewhere in their house then deliveryman reserves the full right to refuse the delivery of products to customer.